Welcome to BergfelderVideo780's website

Every other page of bergfelder.jimdo.com is in german, but here are the main informations in english.

Channel description:

Welcome to my YouTube channel. Train enthusiasts keep on an eye, because on my channel you can find:
✔ Mainly train videos (from Munich, Bavaraia, Saxony, Germany and worldwide; special locomotives, advertisement locos)
And also these topics:
✔ Rollercoasters (Onrides from RCT3)
✔ Waterslides (from RCT3 and also real slides)
✔ TrackMania (car-racetracks from TMUF and TM²)
✔ Storms (Thunderstorms, time lapses, ...)

✘ Bus-, Elevator- and regular Minecraft-Videos won't be uploaded!


If you have any questions, please write a channel comment or a personal message.